The FASG iREVISTA is a complete environment for supporting the management of the reviewing process in technical Transactions and Conferences. This environment provides all resources usually required in the Reviewing Processes, such as:
Manuscript Submission and Management of Review through Internet-based platform;
Reviewer Invitation, Monitoring, and Notification;
Automatic Messages ( Announcements, Reminders );

Furthermore, all comments from reviewers/editors/authors are stored in databases and can be easily accessed in the system. This system supports two different types of sections:
Transactions Sections: Regular Sections and Special Sections;
Conference Sections;

In addition, it can manage different simultaneous sections.

Developed by Flávio Alessandro Serrão Gonçalves

The FASG iREVISTA System under iSOBRAEP Template is licensed to:

SOBRAEP - Brazilian Power Electronics Society